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Diamonds are graded on colour, clarity, carat and cut.

A carat of diamonds is made up of 100 points of diamonds, and diamonds as small as ½ point (.005ct) are often used in halos surrounding larger centre diamonds, and in the bands of rings. 

Most popular centre diamonds may range, on average, between a half a carat (.50ct), to a whole carat (1ct). Some may be used as a solitaire without any smaller diamonds surrounding it, or it may be the centerpiece with surrounding smaller diamonds, either in a halo or three-stone ring. The size of the centre stone or stones used by the client is their own choice and most often will depend on the client’s budget, as the diamond will be the most expensive part of the ring.
large diamond gem

Diamond colours

The colour is a very important part of choosing a good diamond. The whiter the colour of the diamond, the better it is and the better it will look in the ring. Colour is graded from D to M, with D being the very best colour. The whitest diamonds are usually found in the range from D to G and some H diamonds may also fall into this category at times.
From I to M, the colour can lose the whiteness, showing more yellow/brownish tinges, and will not have the sparkle and brilliance of the whiter diamonds. At Saunders Manufacturing Jewellers, the diamonds we recommend for our clients come in the D to G range.

Diamond clarity

Clarity is the natural internal flaws a diamond might contain. Most diamonds have some kind of internal flaw but most are unable to be seen by the human eye and need a special eyeglass which is magnified by about 20 times to see any flaw. The flaws that come in this range are graded from VVSI (very, very slight inclusion) to SI2 (slight inclusion, 2). 
Any gradings past SI2 may be able to be seen with the naked eye and are considered lesser quality. At Saunders Manufacturing Jewellers, the diamonds used for our clients come in the range of VVSI to SI2, trying to keep the grading on the better side depending on the client's budget.

Diamond cut

The cut of a diamond determines how it handles the light, so a well-cut diamond is the most brilliant to look at. Sometimes a diamond may be cut too shallow or too deep and therefore it doesn’t allow a diamond to sparkle at its best. At Saunders Manufacturing Jewellers, we aim to provide our clients with the best cut diamonds that we can, within the client’s budget.
Good quality diamonds are authenticated with certificates and Saunders Manufacturing Jewellers, in most cases, uses certified diamonds.
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