Custom Made

Quality custom made jewellery in Adelaide

At Saunders Manufacturing Jewellers, we make jewellery to suit our clients’ individual design and budget requirements. Sometimes, if clients are not sure or cannot decide on a design they would like, we can give them ideas to think about. A good place to start and get some different ideas is on the internet, which usually gives the client some inspiration.
custom platinum and diamond ring

Often clients come to us with inherited jewellery or just pieces of their own that have been gathering dust in a drawer, as they’re broken or not suitable to wear any more. They ask if something different can be made from these pieces, or if they can be redesigned to a more modern style. 
The answer is yes, in most cases, and we then set about working out what type of piece the client might like, and what will be needed to make it happen.
Call us today on 08 8353 7717 for more details about our custom made jewellery in Henley Beach. 
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